Improve livelihoods of people

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Our Story

WeShine was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 has affected the livelihoods of many people. Inequality has widened and United Nations estimated that we may lose a decade of development in poverty alleviation. These problems were always there but Covid-19 brought an awakening to the urgency of the employment problems that the world faces.

For many people, there are very few tools and services that's relevant and helpful to their needs regarding jobs and skills. We are determined to provide such tools and services and in doing so, journey with people towards a better livelihood and a better life. While the Covid-19 crisis has brought much hardship and challenges to people, it has also presented tremendous opportunities especially in the acceleration of technology adoption in many aspects of life. We use technology to serve our users better!

We believe that everyone has their unique strengths and talents and there is great dignity in work. We pledge to understand and render the right solutions to empower people by better matching people, jobs and skills.

From here we write the story of WeShine. Join us in writing this story.

We keep our eyes on
1 Mission
Improve livelihoods of people
We contribute to
SDG Goal 1
No Poverty
We aim to positively impact
1 Billion
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People of WeShine

Jay Ng protrait

Jay Ng


Jay has a personal calling to contribute to poverty alleviation through venture with impact embedded.

He is excited about how technology would transform lives and society and is hopeful it's for the better. He loves freedom, diversity and adventure.

Justin Chua protrait

Justin Chua

machine learning

Justin is passionate about using Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to bring positive impact into the society.

His motto in life is “Keep learning, keep growing. Explore the untreaded land. Embrace the experience”. A strong believer of growth-mindset, he is passionate about influencing society to keep learning.

Steffin Angkarian headshot

Steffin Angkarian


Steffin is a community builder and sees himself as a generalist with a deep passion in branding and marketing especially to create positive impact in people's life. He is also excited to use this passion to radiate hope, love and joy to the world.

When he is not creating social media content, he is likely playing music or basketball.


Natan Santolo Protrait

Natan Santolo


Natan advocates for responsible, purpose-driven, evidence based and human-centered design.

It is his belief that the practice of good design can create a better, more inclusive, and sustainable world. I trust that with the right strategies in place, design practices can elevate companies to be in sync with people and the environment creating a great deal of value for all.

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