Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for employees

Is it free to use your service?
Yes everything is free for employees.

I'm happy with my current job. Why should I join you?
We are here to help you keep a lookout for the next most suitable jobs based on whatever you share with us. Looking out for better jobs requires a lot of time and effort. Let us do that for you and alert you whenever there's something in the market. It's always better to have options.

I don't have a resume, can I still join?
We do not require a traditional resume for you. Tell us about your aspirations, personality, skillsets and any other background information using video, audio, pictures or text. Whichever ways are most comfortable for you. (Tips: short videos are the most effective way)

What kind of jobs do you have?
We focus on non executive jobs.

Which employers do you have?
We scan the market for you. This includes both employers who come directly to us and employers who are on external platforms.

I am a foreigner, can I join?
Yes of course.

Are you a recruitment agency?
No we are not traditional recruitment agency. We are tech-enabled platform to help you find better jobs.

FAQs for employers

What do I need for onboarding?
Onboarding is as simple as letting us know about the job and the candidate profile that you want to look for.

Where can I view candidate profiles?
We will send you suitable candidate profiles on your preferred mode of communication (e.g. WhatsApp or Email)

Are the candidates relevant?
Yes all the candidates are relevant. In fact we will do initial screen to ensure that candidates we send to you are relevant. This saves you time and effort in the recruitment process.

What happens once a match is made?
A successful match is one where the candidate indicated interest in your job and you indicated interest in the candidate profile. Upon a successful match you will be given the contact information of the candidate.

Can I hire multiple candidates with 1 job posting?
Yes of course! We charge per successful match, not per job posting.

Can I schedule an interview?
Yes you may continue to schedule an interview if you prefer, after the successful match.

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